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We are a volunteer organization working to restore free, fair, transparent and secure elections in South Dakota, now and for future generations.

Get Involved Locally

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Stay up to date on South Dakota election related news, and be sure to share it!  We diligently work to stay up to date on the latest and how it applies to our state.

Follow our social media channels for the latest, and subscribe to our substack for more in-depth topics. 

Links to all social media are below.

We have created an extensive volunteer network across the state.  There are many ways to get involved right where you live. 

We can help you sign up to be a poll worker or poll watcher, and we can connect you to those in your area working to secure fair elections. 

Fill out the form to send us an email on the home page.

Our organization is 501-C4 non-profit which is only able to continue because of the generous donations of our supporters. 

Your funds will go to data analysis, operating expenses, community outreach and education, advertising, and advocating for election reform at the state and local level. 

Donations are not tax deductible, but our donors are not disclosed. 

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