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Here is a message from Dr. Douglas Frank's Telegram site regarding the ES&S machines prior to the election in 2020:


"Gift-Wrapped Opportunity for Fraud"

Before the Nov 2020 election, the EAC notified ES&S that its pollbooks were hackable. Then, at least nineteen Secretaries of State were notified. They are shown in the image provided. We have many more emails in this chain, and they prove that many states knew full well that their elections were hackable because of the electronics they were using but they used them anyway.
In one of the emails, one of the Secretaries of State replied, "Well, we'll use them this time, but you have to have it fixed before next time.
Folks, electronic systems are not securable. Ask anyone who builds and uses electronics (like me).
You need to hold these Secretaries (and others) accountable. They've got some 'splainin' to do:
South Dakota, Maryland, Wisconsin, Illinois, Wyoming, Virginia, Indiana, Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Delaware, DC, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho. 



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Here is a link to an article in the South Dakota News Watch paper from February 26, 2019 regarding where voter's live once they register---it continues yet today without a challenge

             Notice was given for the removal of all drop boxes in Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties in South Dakota effective April 13, 2022

2022 Election Operation Overwatch NOW ACTIVE

Everyday citizens all across America have been deployed to ensure that the 2022 elections are conducted in a lawful manner. Attempts to ensure that our elections were conducted in a lawful manner during the 2020 election were largely reactive in nature. Now that we know how the integrity of the 2020 election was subverted, individuals and organizations dedicated to election integrity will now be proactive in their efforts to ensure lawful elections.


If you are someone who seeks to cast a vote illegally, we are watching.


If you are someone who is illegally trafficking ballots and depositing them at drop boxes, we are watching.


If you are someone who has left the key under the mat for digital thieves to manipulate election records, we are watching.


If you are a digital thief seeking to manipulate election records, we are watching.


If you are tabulating votes at a location that does not allow oversight by the public, we are watching.


If you are manipulating our voter rolls so as to allocate ballots to people who did not actually vote be they dead or alive, we are watching.


If you are attempting to provoke lawful citizens to conduct acts of violence, we are watching and we will not take your bait.


If you attempt to masquerade agent provocateurs as members of our groups, we are watching and we will ensure the world knows the truth.


If you are an elected official pursuing policies that seek to cover up illegal election practices, we are watching.


If you are destroying election records before they can legally be destroyed, we are watching.


In the final analysis, it is more transparency that will give the general public confidence in the results of our elections not less.


We are a nation of laws. 


We now have a cadre of law enforcement officers dedicated to enforcing our laws. We now have a cadre of lawyers dedicated to prosecuting violations of our laws. We now have a cadre of judges willing to judge cases on the merits of the evidence not false narratives by media pundits.


We are law enforcement officers. We are poll workers. We are election officials. We are poll challengers. We are everyday citizens.


In the wake of the rapid decline of our nation after the 2020 election, we now have an American public who is growing increasingly aware of the importance of election integrity.


No more lawlessness.  No more suppression of lawful votes.


2022 Election Operation Overwatch is NOW ACTIVE.

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