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Is Your County Still Using Illegal Drop Boxes?

Below is an example of a CVR file.  Simply a data file in spreadsheet format.  No voter info or top secret information included.  Show this to your auditor. 

es&s cvr SCREENSHOT.png
Public Comment at
County Meetings 

If you have public comments to share from your county, send us a link and we will post it here.

Despite being presented information of vote drops for multiple candidates in the 2022 general election, including a 4000 vote drop for Monae Johnson, the county commission robotically certifies the results with no questions or discussion.  

Pennington County citizens request for a special meeting regarding their concerns for elections took place 10-26-22.  Dr. Douglas Frank attended the meeting and presented information along with a slate of national election integrity activists, with a few special guests who did not get time to speak.  The need for reform is crystal clear, despite the best attempts of the commission to dismiss the claims and pass the buck.  

Lincoln County Commission Meeting 10/11/22

Mike Baruth spoke at the five minute mark regarding voter rolls and not disclosing records. Scot Montgomery spoke at the 11 minute mark about the change to the public comments policy. At 14:40 Mike Mathis speaking to fair, honest and transparent election and elected officials to uphold their Oath of Office. At 17:38 Linda Montgomery speaking to the elected officials to release the public information being requested by the public. 

Hanson County meeting 10-4-2022  Video one / Video two 

10-4-2022 Pennington County Board of Commissioners Meeting


Lincoln County Commission Meeting October 4, 2022

Brookings County Commission Meeting 10/4/2022

Lincoln County Commission Meeting September 27, 2022

1:17 Linda Montgomery spoke requesting again the Lincoln county release the public information to the public as is being requested.

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - September 27th, 2022

1:52:00 John Cunningham - not part of our group - does not believe there is any fraud being committed by the use of the tabulator machines.

5:42:00 - Scott - not part of our group - spoke regarding moving public comment time to the end of the commission meeting

10:07 - Vicky  Buhr - spoke regarding moving public comment time from beginning to the end of the meeting.  Her comments got cut off as the video feed went down.  Missed the comments from JuliAnn Talkington.  15:58 - Wade Talkington - most of his presentation was also lost due to the dropped video feed

17:10 Gary Meyer - asking if public comment will be allowed for all agenda items

18:45 Cindy Meyer - talked about public comment time and being denying the opportunity  for election integrity conversation being an agenda item so that there could be questions asked by the commissioners.

1:13:34 - Agenda item on Adopting Proposed Rules of Procedures was presented - whereby it states the public comments would be limited to 3 minutes instead of 5.  Also mentions that each agenda item will be allowed public comment time.  

1;23;50 Commissioner Heiberger commenting on Gary Meyer's request to have public comment for each agenda item.  This has been added to the Rules of Precedures Manual and has already begun to be implemented.

1:26:37 - Joy Hohn spoke in support of public comment time being 5 minutes instead of 3.

1:31:54 Vicky Buhr asked if a person is wanting to give public comment for multiple agenda items, will this be allowed?  

1:33:00 Gary Meyer speaking in favor of public comment time being 5 minutes instead of 3.

1:34:25 Cindy Meyer speaking to allow videos to be shown during public comment time.

The Decision by the commission was to leave public comment time per person to 5 minutes.  Commission declined request to leave public comment time at the beginning and it will be moved to the end for those non agenda items.

 Lincoln County Commission Meeting - August 23rd, 2022
Citizens inform the commission on corrupt ballot tabulating machines. 

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - August 23rd, 2022
Citizens bring concerns to the commission on ES&S ballot tabulating machines.

5-3-2022 Pennington County Board of Commissioners Meeting
At minute marker 1:55:00 listen to a patriot share his views about election integrity 

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting July 26th, 2022
Vicky Bur bring concerns for the upcoming general election 

May 3, 2022  Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

Public Comment started in the first few minutes of the meeting.  Four people spoke regarding election issues.  Cindy asked the commissioners "Where is the proof that there was no fraud during our elections"? She also said, "We have PROOF vote tabulating machines are programmed from the beginning and throughout the election process by the machine manufacturers."

Theresa spoke of federal and local funding for DS850 voting machines and there is money available to ensure secure voting processes. Why is this not spoken of by commissioners? Theresa also spoke of memory card vulnerabilities due to limited space for ballot information per card and chain of custody issues. Gary spoke of the 2000 Mules movie, and seeking truth while looking for malicious activities for our 2020 and 2022 elections. This includes not entrusting voting machine manufacturers mostly due the 'invisible' activity within voting machines. Leah repeatedly asked "Who oversees the auditor?" The SD Secretary of States opinion is the commission oversees the auditor, and did not know to assume this responsibility.  Who will oversee the current auditor as he too is on the ballot this election cycle?

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - May 3rd, 2022 - YouTube

April 26, 2022  Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

The SD Canvassing Group attended the April 26th, 2022 Minnehaha County Commission meeting and used public comment time to address the commission on the April 19 presentation by Auditor Ben Kyte, and comments made by Kyte and commission members in regards to the SD Canvassing Group.  Ten members of the group attended the meeting and seven addressed the commission.  In Kyte's April 19 presentation he made multiple comments about the organization and the disinformation presented.  First half hour of this meeting video addresses the information coming from the auditor's office and commissioners.

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - April 26th, 2022 - YouTube

At 1:37:00 Commissioner Barth states his feelings of having to listen to public comment.

April 19, 2022  Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

Group member Theresa Pesce attended the April 19 commission meeting and addressed the commission at public comment time.  She played video of 2018 concerns about voting machines.  She also addressed the commission on the expense of the machines.  Towards the end of the agenda, Auditor Ben Kyte's agenda item "Audit Report" was used for a half hour presentation on elections.  He used that time to accuse the SD Canvassing Group of disinformation spreading, and Commissioner Barth's comments were recorded on video.  Our group has been requesting an agenda item for month's to discuss election integrity and has been denied.  It would have been more transparent of the Auditor's office to list the presentation on the agenda.  Theresa spoke at 1:30 - 6:40.  Ben Kyte spoke 1:04:00 - 1:26:00. 

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - April 19th, 2022 - YouTube

March 15, 2022  Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting Cindy spoke (starting minute 6:30) to the commissioners regarding the lack of support from at the county level regarding election integrity, and invited the committee to the Dr Frank Event on Election Integrity, the upcoming week on March 21st. This event you may have attended. Cindy continued on specifically requesting 'clean-up of the voter rolls' citing a specific example of how inaccurate and outdated the voter rolls are: When we canvass homes we have on-hand current South Dakota voter rolls. Our first canvass day, February 5th, a homeowner stated that a person listed as a resident did not live there for 11 years, SD Canvassing discovered this non-resident was registered (I repeat, at that home address) and voted in the 2020 presidential election! No reaction from the commissioners. Nor did any of them show up at the Election Integrity Event.

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - March 15th, 2022 - YouTube

March 1, 2022  Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

Theresa Pesce, in summary stated at minute 2:00: Absentee Voting and Ballot Box may lead to invalid votes being counted. Some specific talking points were: ~ Ballot harvesting by third parties who have been know to tamper with ballots then replace them in an actual voter envelope, ~ Forged ballot signatures can be accidentally be verified to match a ballot envelope (workers of the auditor/election office are asked to verify signature matches, rather than having a signature expert examine the documents), ~ South Dakota election laws having gaps that offer vulnerable people (like the elderly) to be coerced into handing over their ballot to people who may alter, ~ Minnehaha plans to put a Ballot Box with security camera surveillance on Minnesota Avenue making ballot harvesting easily available to the repeat drive-by offenders. Security cameras are breakable and poor deterrent for smart criminals (including those with covid masks). ~ There's more but let's stop here. Public Comment is 5 minutes, part 2 regarding Ballot Boxes / Honest Elections will continue at the next Minnehaha County Meeting March 15th . We are all welcome to attend and to speak at these meetings.

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - March 1st, 2022 - YouTube

February 1, 2022 Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

Also, the county website now offers documentation regarding specific information including dollars spent (go to RECENT EVENT for the meeting date, in far right area hit the arrow and choose PACKET).

  1. Cindy represented SD Canvassing speaking to the County Commissioners and Auditor during her Public Comment began at meeting minute 2:40. Her focus was specific: NOT to utilize Voter Ballot Drop Boxes for our upcoming 2022 Election Cycle. This includes no voter ballot drop boxes anywhere in the county, as well as the two designated voter ballot drop boxes planned to be located at the Minnehaha Adimistration Building address.

  2. Gary followed up speaking to the County Commissioners regarding a local newspaper's article inappropriate and inaccurate information regarding SD Cavassing. Gary stating SD Canvassing talks and writings are based facts, his talk ended at meeting minute 8:50.

  3. Also, during Agenda minutes: the Minnehaha County Auditor, Ben Kyte, spoke regarding our 2022 Voter Redistricting and Precinct changes (meeting minutes 9:00 to 18:50).

Minnehaha County Commission Meeting - February 1st, 2022 - YouTube

Jan 18, 2022  Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

Theresa Pesce, in summary stated at minute 2:15: Local grassroots in our Sioux Falls area are concerned of updating voter roll database which includes a legal registered voter's name with corresponding address. Apparent gaps in the South Dakota election and voter laws, in addition to the lack of follow-up of the voter-to-address verification process by County Auditor/Election Office. SD Canvassing Group examined voter rolls noting some of the findings were very noticable if someone took time to carefully read the data; numerous (even thousands) voter names with addresses showing as; empy lots, campgrounds, retail stores, virtual offices, the list continues. Most likely more invalid names with addresses will continue as redistricting within precincts is coming to South Dakota– more likely causing more confusion for voters and causing election offices to update voter rolls that they could keep track of already. Jessica Pollema in summary stated at minute 6:20: “Heritage Foundation @ which gave each states score on their election score card. The state voter laws were analyzed and given a grade based on how well they protect the integrity and security of the election process. I was surprised to see South Dakota received 62/100 for a failing grade.” Jessica's brief and specific talking points were in regards to 1) Drop Boxes, 2) Voter Registration Database is outdated /contains false information, 3) Election Electronic Equipment connections may be hacked via internet, 4) Voting Machines that use Electronic Tabulators have questionable security measures, 5) Electronic Poll Books may break down causing longer wait time in poll lines, and the lack vital security requirements causing real-time 'manipulation' of our voting process, may include but not limited to; loss of our local election supervision, and/or voter personal indentity being 'stolen.

Dec 28, 2021  Minnehaha County Commissioners Meeting

  1. My election talking points, started speaking at minute 4:55 during this week's 5 minute Public Comment: Policy makers communication 'being honest and open' which includes improving the communication outlets with people they represent. Usually meeting information is 'easily' found on their website, or you can call that office for information and newspaper sources. There needs to be more efficient means of COMMUNICATION regarding county policies and money allocated to enact these policies – especially, for those taxpayers who want to know where the money is being allocated BEFORE the funds are spent. Today, my 5 minute Public Comment time ended with Commissioners reminding me this is not time for asking them questions, just for me to talk and my questions may be better answered by the County Auditor, addressing the Commissioners as an Agenda item or meeting, My take on it....My points were heard – that was my mission of the day...Improve communication with the community because the current methods do not seem to be enough. (Here's an example for you – electronic election equipment that was approved by the South Dakota Secretary of State and then accepted by our county officials, this equipment which falls under the list of items within the Election Cycle 2022 Budget. FYI: Minnehaha Election budget has been increased from $371,414 in 2018 to $830,230 for 2022. Did you know about this?) After the meeting I was told there are specific 'budget meetings open to the public' throughout the year so that we can listen to proposed spending and voice our concerns (I'll get you more specific information on that in a future post).

  2. Election 2022 update also this meeting: Minnehaha County Auditor, Ben Kyte, offered a verbal and visual agenda 'briefing' regarding current "Legislative Redistricting Process,” his main issue presented was how VOTER REGISTRATION and new CHANGE of DISTRICTS may impact voting processes including which representatives are within a specific district. This may affect 50% of voters. His agenda talk starts at minute 31:45 then ends with discussion of how to 'communicate' this information to voters.

  3. Today's meeting concluded with Commissioners discussing 'communicating with the community.' It will be up to us to make that happen...Together we all are able to make people accountable in their service to our community – after all, our society is based on being of service to each other.

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