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Election Integrity in the State of South Dakota

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Candidates Prioritizing Election Transparency and Security

Understanding the centralized and federalized nature of our election systems is one of the last issues people “wake up” to.   The 2020 Presidential Election revealed major problems with our national and local election apparatus, and is one of the most censored topics on the internet;  censored by our own Federal and State governments through a complex network of NGO’s prepared in advance of 2020.  These same organizations and Federal agencies are now coordinating in preparation for the November 2024 general election.  South Dakota uses the same voter roll maintenance and election night reporting software, along with vote tabulating machines and e-poll pads, that were used in the so-called swing states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania.  Why would we think we are immune?

When considering who to vote for in the upcoming June 4, 2024 primary election, those willing to speak out publicly on election security are the some of the bravest in the field.  Many are afraid of tackling this issue.  Our nation is at a crossroads, and we need bold, fearless leaders who will not cave on issues due to outside influences.  Those willing to stand publicly on election issues in today’s environment are courageous individuals. 


We will not forget Monae Johnson’s abandonment of her campaign promises and 180-degree turn from her supposed “election integrity” campaign platform.  Vet your candidates carefully. 


Here is a list of Candidates for office that have publicly prioritized secure and transparent elections either in campaign materials or have been active at the county level government working for election reform.  This is not a scorecard of past election bills or votes.  


This is not an endorsement and is for informational purposes only. 


DISTRICT 4: Dylan Jordan, Vanessa Namken

DISTRICT 7: Jeff Struwe

DISTRICT 9: Tesa Schwans

DISTRICT 11: John Kunnari

DISTRICT 13: Penny BayBridge

DISTRICT 14: Tony Kayser

DISTRICT 15: Brad Lindwurm

DISTRICT 19: Steven Mettler

DISTRICT 28B:  Travis Ismay

DISTRICT 30:  Matt Smith, Matthew Monfore, Patrick Baumann

DISTRICT 31: Mark Mowry

DISTRICT 32: John James

DISTRICT 34: Heather Baxter


DISTRICT 8: Rick Weible

DISTRICT 16: Kevin Jensen

DISTRICT 21: Mykala Voita

DISTRICT 25: Tom Pischke – sponsored 2024 CVR bill

DISTRICT 27: Bruce Whalen

DISTRICT 29: John Carley

DISTRICT 30: Julie Frye-Mueller

DISTRICT 31: Kate Crowley-Johnson


MINNEHAHA:  Cole Heisey, Roger Russell

FALL RIVER: Heath Greenough, Sandra Wahlert, Les Cope

LAWRENCE : Erica Douglas


MCPHERSON: Mike Mardian

Top 10 Points to Election Security

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