Election Integrity in the State of South Dakota

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Who Are We

We are a group of concerned citizens working together to secure election integrity. We have discovered serious election issues in South Dakota. The original members met beginning in August of 2021 while putting together an impromptu meet-n-greet with Captain Seth Keshel during the Cyber Symposium. Shortly after we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands here in South Dakota.

Utilizing Captain Keshel's statistical data, we began focusing on the following counties for canvassing: Minnehaha, Lincoln, and Pennington. If you are unfamiliar with Captain Keshel's work, you can find more information here: https://electionfraud20.org/seth-keshel-reports

We believe our freedoms are maintained through election integrity and advocate for the following:

-SD election laws need to be changed 

-We believe that sharing our data with the citizens of SDD and our local and state representatives, we can enact change at every level

-We believe the following should be incorporated into SD election laws:

  •  Same day voting

  •  Voting only in your precinct

  •  Tougher residency laws

  •  Eliminating drop boxes

  •  Eliminating electronic devices, including   e-poll books

 As a group of volunteers, we want to ask people across the state to get involved in the integrity fight that has been formed. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or you feel that your vote was not counted, please contact us through the form below.

SD Canvassing has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that partnership with the people of SD is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our communities.


Legislative Information

Voter Registration Laws

Here is a link to the Legislative law concerning the voter registration laws in the State of SD

Residency Laws

Here you will find the current residency laws as they stand in SD

Residency Affidavit

This is a copy of what people fill out when they are applying for residency in South Dakota, say a full time RVér. When an individual signs the voter registration form, they are signing it under the penalty of perjury that they reside at the address.

Voter misrepresentation in an election

This is the statute regarding residency in SD for voter registration

SD Constitution regarding elections

What does the SD Constitution say regarding voting?

How Can You Help?

Get Educated and spread the word! 

We did not realize how easy it was to get residency in the state of SD. Did you know that you only have to spend one NIGHT in SD with the intention to return to gain state residency?

Donate your time! 

We are always seeking volunteers to help out, even as little as a few hours a week. We need people to complete simple tasks such as internet searches, placing phone calls to collect data, verify places of residency via "drive by canvassing", as well as, going door to door for in person canvas efforts.


We are all private citizens donating our time and efforts for this cause. All of our efforts are funded through donations from generous contributions. To make a donation, click on the CONTRIBUTE NOW button. Our cyber security expert has graciously offered to assist in our fundraising efforts. The "Contribute Now" buttons will take you to his website. Click the DONATE tab at the top and then scroll down to donate to the SD effort.

Support Our Mission

Contact Us

Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how you can begin working with us to bring election integrity to SD. Whether it be volunteering with us by canvassing or by sending us election fraud tips. We want to hear from you.

Thanks for submitting!


We are all private citizens donating our time and efforts for this cause. All efforts are funded through donations from generous contributors.

Here are a few items we need funding for:


SD Voter Registration Database Analysis 2021-2022

  • Help us purchase additional voter registration rolls. The state does not back date the voter rolls. By purchasing additional rolls at various date points, we are able to see voter registration changes and report back to the Counties any concerns discovered related to ineligible voters. This will also help with legal advice.


SD Web Site Security Scan - PCI/Credit Card Security

  • Support our efforts to report on the security of the 66 counties and the Secretary of State's web site. We will perform scans of PCI compliance, credit card security and then report our findings to the people of SD


Post Cards and Mailings

  • In order to verify the validity of voters/addresses we will mail out post cards and gauging how many of them return to us as undeliverable


Canvassing Costs

  • We are evaluating options for collecting and storing voter confirmation via door-to-door canvassing. An app would be much more efficient, yet costly. The second option would be pen or paper

These donations are not tax deductible.


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